What does a Production Designer do?

I have been in the industry for nearly 10 years and still people ask me what I do. This hypothetical job add written by Thomas Walsh says it all. 

“Wanted, an individual with a Type-A personality and the centered calm of a devote Buddhist. They must be capable of channeling the life experiences, talents and knowledge of an artist, painter, color consultant, writer, forensic researcher, historian, military strategist, digital artist, photographer, sculptor, dramaturge, thespian, humorist, architect, urban-planner, engineer, general contractor, interior designer, draper, furniture mover-fabricator-restorer, blacksmith, armorer, quartermaster, master of business administration, accountant, producer, director, cinematographer, logistics manager, naval architect, teamster, navigator, physicist, anthropologist, archaeologist, biologist, herpetologist, meteorologist, psychologist, sociologist, theologist, zoologist, alchemist, botanist, forester, shaman, wizard (black & white magic), mind reader, master of the Ouija board, raconteur, snake oil salesmen, fisherman, gourmet, baker, bartender, disc jockey, party planner, camp counselor, long-distance-runner and sprinter, diplomat, train conductor, air-traffic controller, choreographer, hotel concierge, code breaker, soldier-sailor-tinker-spy, world builder and most importantly….. Survivor!"

Thomas Walsh is an award-winning production designer who is currently designing the series Longmire. He served as President of the Art Directors Guild from 2003 to 2013 and is a founding co-chair of the its Research Library, Designer Apprenticeship program, and highly regarded Film Society. 

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